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From Eger October 2011

Noemi won’t rest until I post to the blog, so here goes. Last week I took a day-trip up to Eger, one of my favorite cities in Hungary. Eger is in the northern part of the country in the Mátra mountains that run east-west along the border between Hungary and Szlovakia. Eger is a very historic town beloved to Hungarians for it’s famous wines (the famous Hungarian “bull’s blood” for example) and for a famous battle against the Turkish invaders in which a small garrison was able to withstand a siege against a much larger force–this is chronicled in a Hungarian novel, “Egri Csillagok” (the stars of Eger, but entitled “The eclipse of the Crescent Moon,” in English). It is required reading for elementary school children here and our Niece, Boglarka, was reading it this summer.

From October 10, 2011

I drove up through the flatlands of the Alföld (the Hungarian great plains), through numerous villages where life seems less touched by modernization than in the cities. Instead of driving straight to Eger, however, I took a detour into the mountains to explore and to enjoy the fall foliage. I only stopped long enough to hike up to an ancient castle ruin of Sirok (Siroki Vár)…which dates back at least to the thirteenth century.

From October 10, 2011

I took a number of photos then proceeded on to Eger. I didn’t really have a plan for the day, I simply enjoyed wandering around the winding streets of Eger, I climbed to the top of the minaret (which is reported to be the northern most Turkish minaret dating from the Turkish occupation) and got a great view of the city, then had a quick lunch in the main square (Dobó István tér).
One of the highlights of the day was a side trip outside the city to the vinyards where I sought out a local grower selling wine from his “pince” or cellar (in Eger these are usually dug into the hillside). I bought a couple of bottles to take home and taste with Tata.

From October 10, 2011

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