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Tiny Travel Tails

Tiny’s Travel Journal

Today I woke up and licked my paws.

From Tiny Tails

Almost immediately after I shook myself and got out of bed my little sister asked me if I wanted to “Go For A Walk?” I raised my ears up cynically, just in time to hear my mom say, “Shh… it’s too early. Don’t get him all excited, we need to get dressed.” And so my family got dressed very, very slowly while I watched them with quizzical eyes. Presently I saw my little sister rush by. Her name is Noemi and she pretends that she’s my superior. The nerve! But I love her anyway and I protect her from anything that could potentially harm her including other dogs, cats, and occasionally other family members. She tells me that she doesn’t need protection because she is bigger than me but I don’t believe a word. I heard my little brother complaining that he didn’t want to Walk. Sometimes I just don’t understand my little brother. He also says that he is bigger than me, isn’t that weird? I protect him as well, because I love him and it just seems like he needs a body-guard like myself. My parents are good as they ask me if I Wanna Treat? and if I Wanna Go Outside? a lot. After a long, long while my mom took up my leash and my little sister said, “Do You Want To… Go For A Walk?”  To which I responded by  jumping up and quickly doing my yoga poses: Upward dog, Downward dog, and Stretching Dog. Then I sneezed, shook myself and wagged my tail twice to show that I was ready to Go. We walked into downtown Szolnok together where we chased pigeons and walked down the river-bank, and my parents and siblings yammered on and on. They also threw some of the fallen chestnuts into the river. I would have done the same, but the sad truth of the matter is that I don’t have opposable thumbs. Then my dad and little brother went running while me and the girls followed our noses to the bakery where my little sister bought a soft pretzel and a cherry roll, my mom and dad got walnut pastry’s, my brother also had a cherry roll. And me? Oh I had big chunks of everybody’s Food. We walked home and all-in-all it was a good Walk.

From Tiny Tails

Well before I sign off I’m going to share some interesting rumors that I have heard. One of them is that in two weeks my mom and dad are going to the big, noisy, yummy smelling city that the humans call Budapest, for several days. And I’m going to stay here with my siblings and Mama, (who is a Hungarian that knows how to pamper me). She is one of my favorite people ever ’cause she feeds me good. The other interesting piece of news I sniffed out is that we will be going to Austria soon. Hmmm… I wonder what that is all about.

Sending lots of licks to you all,


(aided by Noemi’s imagination)

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